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Do I have to make a reservation?
What is so special about the rickshaw experience?

The best thing about riding through Salzburg by rickshaw is that we are able to to drive through the streets unhindered as the Old City is off limits to cars. We drive through the little alleyways and cruise by the special sights that are only reachable on foot, not to mention the sights one might not be able to find on a first visit to the city. It allows you to see many of Salzburg's best attractions in a relatively short amount of time and without the feeling of being whooshed by them.

Who is Riskcha travel perfect for?

There is really no specific group of people that rickshaw travel is NOT for. Children always enjoy the exciting feeling of riding around, adults greatly appreciate the benefit of unrestricted movement through the inner-city, seniors enjoy not having to see everything by foot and physically disabled persons will enjoy the experiences, which otherwise may not be possible on their own.  Families, big and small, enjoy our relaxing transportation service - including babies and smaller dogs!


How many people can fit in a rickshaw?

  • 2 Adults

  • 2 Adults and 1 Child (0-6 years old)

  • 3 Children (3-10 years old)

If we are 3 small Women, could we all sit in one Rickshaw?

Unfortunately not, we are bound by the law and are only allowed to drive 2 Adults at a time. Further down you will see more information for Groups wanting to ride with uneven numbers.


Do I have to make a reservation?

If you want to be 100% sure, that you find a seat with us and that you get the most experienced driver,  making a reservation is highly recommended. Most of our drivers only work part time and while they are studying here. That means there are always new drivers coming into our mix. If you want to have a great tour, you should make a reservation to get the best of the best. Our goal is that your tour of Salzburg is as enjoyable as possible and that is why experienced drivers are an essential part of the team. The capacity for the rickshaw is very small, only 2 Adults, and we also offer big tours of 3 hours, so it is possible, that you will not see any of our drivers by our stand for several hours.


How long in advance is a reservation necessary?

As long as you are flexibel with the starting time and you don’t have more than 4 people in your group, 2-5 days in advance is sufficient. With this form you can send us your personal questions and tour requests.

How does payment work?

With a reservation merely a deposit of 20% of the tour price is necessary (paypal or transferal). The rest is then given directly to the driver (in cash).


What happens if it rains?

No Problem! Our Rickschas are fitted with transparent rain protectors - you still get the view and stay dry! Of course the experience is better with sunshine, but on the other hand if it is raining there are few other possibilities to see the city while staying comfy and dry. We have done many tours in stormy weather and our guests have always been thankful for the opportunity and the experience. You can also postpone your tour for another time, for example if the weather will be clearing up later in the day or the day after. Our goal is to make your tour a memorable experience. With your booking we will request your contact information - in the case of unfavourable weather, we will send you information about Tour changes and other possibilities if necessary 1-2 days before your date.  

If we are travelling in a group - what is the maximum number of people we can bring with us?

If you are in a group of people this is not a problem. With our 9 rickshaws we can carry a maximum of 18 adults all at the same time. However, all 9 rickshaws may not always be in use. We recommend that a prior consultation is made as an additional surcharge for your tour may be included.


If our group has uneven numbers,  does someone have to ride alone?

Nobody rides alone in a rickshaw. Our drivers are always there and are ready to answer questions or converse. If you have a group of more than 2 people, the rickshaws will always stay together to make sure you get the most out of your group experience. And remember at any time you can ask your drivers to stop, giving you the chance to mix up the seating arrangement. In our experience riding alone has never disappointed any one. Some people may have had second thoughts at first, but in the end they have always had fun.

Is it possible for people with disabilities to ride in the rickshaw?

We have often had guests with different physical limitations ride with us. Whether you use crutches, a walker or a wheelchair, a solution is always possible. The only difficult part is of course getting in and out of the rickshaw, as the driver must stay seated in the drivers seat and cannot assist in entering the vehicle. It would be ideal if your companions could help with entering and exiting the rickshaw. Apart from that passersby and other rickshaw drivers at our rendezvous stand are also capable of helping. In the case that you do have a wheelchair or walker, it will be watched over or locked up at our stand in the meantime. We also have door-to-door service and can pick you up directly from your Hotel or any other location.


Is a Rickshaw Tour a suitable activity for children and families?

There are often many differences between adults and kids. Adults naturally want to experience a bit of the city but this becomes more difficult sometimes with younger children. However, when touring the city by rickshaw, children often forget their 1001 questions and are more focused on the ride itself. It is also possible to separate families into "children" and "adult" rickshaws, but of course in the end this will be up to you and your children. This set-up allows the drivers to better address the needs and desires of the different age groups. For children the fun usually comes from the thrill of the ride, where as with adults it is more about experiencing the culture and the sights.


Can we bring luggage with us on the rickshaw (Suitcase, Strollers, Walker...)?

There is always room for a normal carry-on size suitcase in your lap but we would recommend a small rucksack or backpack. Our vehicles are relatively small - this allows us to traverse the narrowest alleyways of the city and so there is not a lot room for bulky luggage. Also, the more things you try to bring with you, the less comfortable you will be in our vehicle. Strollers or walkers can be watched over or locked to our stand during your tour to be picked up afterwards. Smaller strollers or crutches can often be folded up and brought with in case you want to get out somewhere else in the city and not return to your starting point.

What is the exact route of the Tour Deluxe/ Old City Tour?

Since the drivers work on their own schedule and with their own knowledge and experiences, one tour is never the same as another. In other words every tour is unique to the guest. All tours are planned from suggestions that drivers provide for you specifically. In the end,  what happens on any tour is entirely up to the guests. You have the possibility to stop anywhere you would like to take scenic photographs, buy souvenirs, get an ice cream, etc... Of course these stops limit the duration of your tour and what you actually get to see. Guests determine their own time frame and the budget for their Rickshaw Tour. This allows us to put together a fantastic program around the interests of our customers. 

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